About Anita’s Art

Combining the most ancient of clay techniques, pinching, with the refinement of porcelain I create clay objects that hold an energy of aliveness, compassion and possibility.

Common threads in my art throughout my life have been:

  • Expressing my connection with nature
  • Setting something in motion to see what emerges (planting seeds, putting yarn in a dye bath, holding a ball of clay)
  • Working directly with my hands with a minimum of tools
  • Love of color and the spark created by the interaction of colors
  • Being transported to the present moment by the process of creating

Each piece I create is completely individual. To form the vessel I use the pinching technique that I love for its directness and naturalistic, earthy quality. After much experimentation I found my “voice” using porcelain clay for its refinement. I find it the perfect medium for conveying my personal style and aesthetic which combines the organic and rustic with a delicacy and elegance.

Creating these pieces brings me great joy, a sense of who I am and a feeling of participating with the beauty of nature around me. Read more about my spiritual journey…