Anita’s Spiritual Journey

Unlike many who have remembered experiencing their guides or angels or seeing fairies or the like, I have grown into and deepened my sense of connection over years as I continue my personal growth.

Over the last 45 years I have read and worked with many practitioners and teachers, some embodied, some not. I have learned to ask: Does this information make me feel inspired? More loving? More joy? More freedom? More me? Where there is a yes, I embrace the teachings. Where there is a no, I let it go.

Mostly I’ve practiced, using my life as a classroom. I have grown through many belief systems, finding value in them all. I expect that to continue.

My awarenesses are subtle but nonetheless, powerful. From experience, I have learned to trust in a flash of inspiration, in what I sense and in the words that sometimes come from my pen but not exactly from my mind. And with using essences and kinesiology.

I am on the path of shifting my mind from the leader of my life to the follower of my heart. Transforming it from a frightened dictator to a master of discernment. I am learning to respond to the subtle internal nudges and to discern whether their motivation is from fear or love and to forgive myself if I get it “wrong”, knowing that with each awareness, I grow.

“I believe that we must become what we want to see in the world, and that as we do so, not only our experience will change but we will influence the collective as well. All my work is to help others as well as myself with that practice.”

Anita Walling

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