What are prayer pots? How do I use them?

I call these creations Prayer Pots because, in the process of forming them from a ball of clay with my hands, I channel the energy of divine love through my heart to my hands and into each piece. In particular, they radiate and activate the divine feminine aspect of us all, male and female alike.

Prayer Pots are energetic vessels meant to act as reminders that you are an embodiment of divine love. Hold your pot in your hands or meditate with it and let that energy fill you. Sitting on your shelf, it broadcasts a reminder that there is always more joy and compassion available for you to let into your life.

These pots also act as amplifiers. Write your prayer or wish for yourself or another on a piece of paper and put it in your pot. It will partner with you and support your intention. This makes Prayer Pots great gifts for anyone you want to offer love and support.


How do I use them for others and in ceremonies or rituals?

Place what you want to grow or share in the pot. Your prayers, wishes or dreams for yourself or another. This can be as simple as writing your intention on a piece of paper and putting it in the pot or as elaborate a ritual as your heart or tradition creates. The pot will do its part.

People often include prayer pots in weddings, graduations and other life transition ceremonies. They provide paper and ask those attending to write or draw their wish for the couple, the graduate, the new baby, etc and place it in the pot. These wishes are amplified by the intent of the pot. After the ceremony, the pot continues to be a reminder of the event. The wishes are there to be read and savored on anniversaries, birthdays and offer support into the future.

Prayer pots also make great bridesmaid gifts and are a wonderful way to share a heart-felt thank you.

Large or small? One or a grouping? What is more powerful?

It is how they touch your heart that matters. Let your heart do the choosing.

How are they made? Some of the pots have leaves on them. Are they molds? Do you carve them?

Every pot is made with love and intention.
When I work on the pots I let myself be in that feeling of joy as if I were making something special for someone I love, that will make them happy and feel appreciated. I may not know who that person is at the time, but I know every one of us is unique and special and deserves to be celebrated.

I choose the leaves for these pots on my walks. I press them into clay I have rolled out with a rolling pin, cut them out and appliqué them onto the pots. The leaves burn off in the first firing leaving behind their intimate details captured in the clay along with s a sense of the unique quality of the Western North Carolina mountains. In addition, I sometimes add clay stems or vines embellish the pot with semi-precious gem beads or pearls.

Are they water, food and dishwasher safe?

They are glazed on the inside so can hold water or plants.

For food, all the glazes I use are non-toxic. Any dry surface glazes of even questionable food safely are only used on the outside of the pots.

For washing, they are probably dishwasher safe but I don’t suggest it, and not if they have bead or pearl embellishments. Regular washing by hand is fine.

Do you teach or do special orders?

Maybe. Do ask me! I will do my best to accommodate your desires.

Classes are in the works. Please let me know if you are interested so I can keep you up to date.