Essences support you to gently release patterns or beliefs

you are holding that keep you from living from your true self.

Nature, in the form of flowers, minerals and even environments, holds many unique energetic patterns. Essences are these various patterns infused in water. These essences can resonate with us on an energetic level to remind us of our own underlying wholeness and clarity, helping us gently release what no longer serves us.

In addition to supporting your clearing and aligning process, I can create a unique formula for you from over 500 essences from many diverse sources.

After a consultation via email or phone, I will connect with your guides and mine to create a formula specifically for you to address your concern and help you gently move through it. I will send your formula in a 1 oz bottle with a short message from your guides and/or the definitions of the essences with instructions on how to use it. $40 postage included.

Contact me to start making the changes you want in your life.